Empty House US tour
Sidewalk Driver - "Karaoke Guy (Monday Night)"
music video
Lynch Metals Ruesch Slitter
Product demo

A Call To Remember
documentary (in post-production)
FOOL VR Presents: How Does This VR Thing Work?
product demo
The Portal - "Space Child"
360 music video


My name is Henry, a Los Angeles-based video editor with—depending on when you're counting—over a decade of editing experience. I consider myself from Boston—a place I called home for 16 years—but when we become friends, I'll readily admit to you I grew up in Miami, FL. I got started on editing when I was a wee lad rigging VCRs together to improve on home movies, create spectacularly odd school projects, and help friends' bands with their music videos. In the intervening years, I've moved on to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects; admittedly, this is less fun than handling a pair of remote controls and praying I hit pause at the right time, but it's made life incalculably easier. Music is my first love, and while I gravitate toward music-related projects, I've expanded my palette to include product demonstration videos, documentaries, and event videos. In my spare time I enjoy imbibing enough Cuban coffee to keep a normal person up for days and pretending I'll eventually finish writing that novel. You never know.


Let's talk! Feel free to contact me with your project or any questions at henry[at]henrybe[dot]com.

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